Friday, July 20, 2012

Star Wars with the Brit

Rare is the chance to show an adult Star Wars for the first time.
Even rarer is the chance to show Star Wars for the first time to someone as delightful and hilarious as Lucy.

Lucy is a dear friend of mine from England, who was attending school with me at UCI for the past year. Last week I hosted her for her final few days in Southern California.
So naturally I showed her Star Wars. 

She is one of the funniest, sweetest, most wonderful people to be with, and I am slightly heartbroken she left me (its alright people, I will be visiting her in October.)

SO for her last night, we watched Star Wars, and I documented her varied, hilarious reactions to this great, great film.

On C3P0 - "He sounds like an angry gay man!"
On the Jawas - "They sound like the mice in Cinderella!"
When Luke is whining about the power converters - "He sounds like an angry gay man too!"
On the Sand people and the Banthas - "What? What? What? Its like Chinese New Year gone wrong!"
On the Imperial Troopers' helmets - "They are very bizarre.... they have a very wide berth."
Cantina scene - "What.... What.... What.... What....."
On Han Solo's Appearance - "AH!"
On seeing the strange creature who on Tatooine is stalking Luke and Obi Wan, we admire his goggles - "Yes... it is a very good disguise."
On Chewbaca - "The hairy one looks like he should be in the BeeGees."
Happily pronounces - "There are a lot of British voices in this!"
When I say, "Darth Vader is pretty crazy right?" Lucy responds with - "Yes, he is very well polished." 
On Luke's grappling hook swing - "Well that is nifty!"
When Darth Vader trods on Obi-Wan's coat after Obi Wan has died/evaporated - "Ahahaha Yes! Must make sure he is really gone!"
When C3P0 is found on the ground, complaining and covered in hot wires, Lucy chuckles - "How does he get there?"
On Solo - "He's a sneaky one!"
When I comment on the giant plug they use on R2D2, she replies - "Its like an English plug! Nice and Sturdy!"
On the force - "The force always sounds like indigestion! 'I felt a tremor in the force.'"
When Porkins is blown up - "Oh no Porkins! Porkins is bacon!"
Imitating R2D2 - "Pookie Boo!"
Imitating Chewbaca - "Grrrrrr.... Hiiiiiiiii......"

After the film

Final Questions - "But how did he get there? He was fine, and then he was in wire spaghetti!"
Closing Thoughts - "I did enjoy it. It was very nice!"

This was a magical few hours, and I am touched that I got to share such a cinematic milestone with Lucy, and even more touched that she let me share it on here!

To my wonderful brit, you are dear to my heart... and I am excited to see you in October!

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