Saturday, July 7, 2012

LA Day
Per usual.
We started off at Amoeba records and then hit up Umami Burger for my very first time! My camera entered the mix later on... so the pictures pick up halfway through the adventure

We parked near Spring and 4th, and wandered all around downtown for a few hours, checking out the Bradbury (as seen in 500 Days of Summer), the Jewelry district, stumbled onto Pershing Square, and found ourselves at the historic Biltmore where (gasp) the Oscars were originally held! Exploring downtown in the summer is an experience in itself. Lately, I have been reading Jane Jacobs' Death and Life of Great American Cities, and her assessment of the modern/postmodern city is engrossing. Right now, I'm reading her section on the importance sidewalks in creating a hospitable city, and how what one determines as a slum can occasionally be just a section of a city with a healthy sidewalk life. It is 50 years old and its still blowing my mind.

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