Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So, basically, this post is an attempt at an apology. I promised multiple people that I would watch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical Episode with them. But it is 11:15 at night, and it is the next episode. And I just really want to watch it.

Alas, a compromise is needed.

I am going to live blog my thoughts on here, capturing my immediate reactions as I experience it. 

Now... when I say live blog, I don't mean actual live blog. What I mean is bullet point-like thoughts I spit out as a watch. 

Sound fun?

Probably not.... but I will send this to people I broke a promise to... and they can pretend I'm watching it with them

Aka: Im sorry Jeremy and Emily.

I am now in the 6th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and loving it. Its easily one of the best things I have watched in ages. Well, at least, since I was obsessed with Green Wing

Let the blogging/episode begin!

- Its loading on netflix and my excitement is bubbling. Come on silly empty netflix bar..... fill up! 
- These "previously on Buffy"s are getting very long and intense. I remember when this show was simple....
- love love love already
- this feeling is already kind of perfect
- oh my gosh this set up is so perfect. ... the cheesy music.... the lack of sound.... the swinging camera angles... the cliches... tis perfect. WHEDON
-hehehe singing vampire
-AHAHAHAHA she saves the hot guy ahahahahaha love the cheesy prince charming shirt. 
- best dusting moment ever.... brilliant
- hehehe "what did you sing about" ahahaha
-i love that from the very beginning they are aware of this. Whedon... you are so meta. 
- good jazz hands tara
- This bunny break away is inspired. 
-awwwwww cute togetherness
-these intense buffy giles moments are so sweet/well intense....
-"accept for bunnies!" :)
- dry cleaning number..... beautiful...
- Tara and Willow song. Yeah... i buy them... I like them... but I can't get over Willow and Oz. I love Oz... I miss Oz.
- This song is CHEESY. And Tara's dress is quite fantastic. Her voice isn't tooooooo shabby. 
- This is the best Tara has looked this entire show. So glade they aren't making her uber- dowdy anymore
-Uhoh.... death by tap dancing. usually brought on by gene kelley....
-GOSH Whedon is so good at dramatic villains. Love. It.
- Anya looks too good for having woken up. She always looks too good... its absurd.
-Xander is so good at just... talking pretending.
-good innuendo.
- loving the retro vibe. 
-4th wall broken!
-Im digging the lucy-ricky vibe.... and I want her sleep-shorts.
- Gosh how many shows owe Buffy for their musicals
- oh my gosh that bit on the 3rd 4th wall that Anya said..... so good.
- Well done anya... you comfort giles with your weird hand pats.
- LOVING THE SPIKE BUFFY SCENES. He built up to this so well. I love that it took killing buffy to get her there.
- This spike number thus far is my favorite..... he has a nice voice. 
- "so your not staying then?" :) Like everyone else on earth... I love spike
-GEERREAHHHHHH YUCK they give me the heebie jeebies... the masked men..... uck....
- ahahahahah ballet i see... this is why she was so good in ice princess...... ahahah
-- hm... the demon has got pipes.
- im liking this persephone allusion
- Its insane how purposeful everything in this show is. EVERYTHING matters... every little moment has weight in the final conflict
- I love giles... but i keep getting caught up in the fact that he is will's father from inbetweeners... and that he has a daughter. 
- HERE WE GO lovely harmonies... just like dr horrible's..... love it
-AHAHAHAHA great lead up and then not sing. thats so good
- " maybe once" hehehe
- Gosh whedon musicals are similar. 
- hehehe "beady eyes" 
-ooooo super awkward editing with the villain in the corner..... :Z
- and the truth comes out
- i love the themes this season 
- ooooo whedon's philosophy spoken through spike....
- oah... woah... woah... whats happening... what... what.... woah... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NBO NP NP NPNPNPNPNONONONONONONON

its over. 

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